A highly functional detail!! The MOSHAMMER® Ram Air Collector are extreme larger than the original scoop at the rear lid. The dynamic Ram Air Collector supply the engine with combustion air with a much more efficiency pressure than the stock component. The two outtakes in the collector improve ventilation of the engine bay without negativelyRead more

Porsche 991Turbo-Moshammer-Aerokit-Bodykit-Downforce Evo RS

We shape the existing to perfection….!

We shape the existing to perfection‼ Our designers work alongside with our engineers and master craftsman every day to create something outstanding. Considering the above… create products they look esthetic and work perfect. More than 25 years in the automotive industry and by using new technologies, we are already inventing the future today. Refine yourRead more


Perfect Turbo Performance

💯🏁❤ Upgrades that make sense!!  Many TURBO owners equip their toys with the best PERFORMANCE packages such as Intercoolers / Turbochargers / Exhaust, etc.! Unfortunately, the topic of performance does not stop with just these parts! Many are unaware that the aerodynamics and the air supply is at least as much if not at leastRead more



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