The kit consists of:

1x FRONT SPOILER EVO | P997.10.1020
1x SIDE SKIRTS | P997.20.2020
1x REAR WING SPOILER | P997.10.3020
1x REAR DIFFUSER | P997.10.3040


The kit consists of:

1x FRONT SPOILER EVO | P997.10.1020
1x SIDE SKIRTS | P997.20.2020
1x REAR WING SPOILER | P997.10.3020
1x RAM AIR SCOOPS | P997.10.2025

FRONT SPOILER EVO | P997.10.1020

EVO front spoiler with aero wings.
The front spoiler is an active helper of the aerodynamics for the balance between up and downforce.
The brake cooling and the air duct were given special attention in the development.

One of the main problems of 997 turbo is that the original spoiler lip constantly scratched ... we have eliminated this problem in which we have higherd the center of the spoiler and the overall height have changed!

The assembly takes place at the original clickpoints.
This front spoiler adapts perfectly to the original bumper of all 997 Turbo / Turbo S models and is a visually appealing element.

RS AIR VENT GRILL | P997.20.1010

An important component for both cooling and aerodynamics.
Ensuring the rapid removal of hot air. Optimized unit cooling.
Front bumper RS grill for Porsche 997 Turbo & Turbo S

LOUVERS SLATS | P997.20.1080

Optically unique and technically so important.
Opening the front fenders and mounting the RS Louver Slats to let the hot brake air out of the wheel arch is such an incredibly important feature for the vehicle's performance.
The RS slats can be mounted both on the surface and on the underside of the existing fenders.

For all Porsche 997 Turbo | Turbo S |GT2 |GT2 RS | GT3 | GT3 RS

SIDE SKIRTS | P997.20.2020

In order to broaden the underbody of the 997 Turbo S, as its big brothers GT2 and GT2 RS already have from the factory,
they need our side skirts which are again considerably wider than those of the GT / RS models.
This modification increases the output of the entire vehicle and leads to an overall stable driving behavior.

The assembly is very simple.
The sills are simply screwed to the OEM screw points.

For all Porsche 997 Turbo | Turbo S | GT2 | GT2 RS | GT3 RS |

RAM AIR SCOOPS | P997.10.2025

A very functional detail !!
Our Ram Air Scoops are extremely larger than the original Turbo air intakes on the side of the vehicle.
By using our Ram Air Scoops, they increase the air supply to the intercoolers, which is characterized by a very high power efficiency of this, since up to 10% more air pressure / air volume reaches the intercooler !!

The assembly is done by using the original click frame, at the original click points.
Suitable for all Porsche 997 Turbo | Turbo S | GT2 | GT2 RS models.

RAM AIR COLLECTOR | P997.10.3050

One of the most important solutions!!

The dynamic Ram Air Collector on the rear lid supply the engine with much more efficiency cold air.
The outtake in the middle of the collector improve ventilation of the engine bay without negatively affecting the drag coefficient.

A absolutely must have, for all they life in warm country's and for all they equip there cars with for example Cobb / ECU Tune and IPD Plenum - Y-Pipe to get the full performance.

We used CFD shape the RAM AIR COLLECTOR which force air into the intake with 22mb of pressure at 300 km/h and this is enough to create an additional 9 kW; 12PS.

REAR WING SPOILER | P997.10.3020

The rear spoiler extension 997 Turbo S ensures the highest possible downforce that the original rear spoiler can produce
The original height adjustment and lowering of course remains technically completely unchanged and still active.
The wing delivers 60kg extra of downforce at 200 km/h.

MOSHAMMER® patented mounting system:
Plug & Play simply put on the spoiler, stick together with modern adhesives ready.
All this happens without drilling and without screws!

For all Porsche 997 Turbo | Turbo S | Mk1 / Mk2

Thermo Dynamic Slats | P997.10.3080

The specific design of our Thermo Dynamic Slats (TDS),
plays a crucial role in the overall performance of the intercooler.
Our TDS provide an improved dynamic air flow between the air inlets (RAM AIR SCOOPS | P997.10.2025) and the intercoolers behind.
A must for turbocharger upgrades or enlarged intercoolers.

REAR DIFFUSER | P997.10.3040

Our newly developed rear diffuser improves the downforce.
Through the interplay of the diffuser with the smooth underbody of the 997 Turbo,
creates a so-called negative ground effect "inverted wing profile" which supports the stabilization of driving behavior.

Currently only usable on the Porsche 997 Turbo Mk1 model 2006-2009.


For all Porsche 911 / 997 Turbo Mk1 / Mk2 (2006–2012).

Our goal is to give the Porsche 997 Turbo a more sporty and aggressive appearance, which of course also has a positive effect on the performance of the vehicle.
Following the latest standards in 3D-CAD development and analysis in the CFM process, we have created new standards in design as well as in functionality!!

All parts also suitable for the Mk1 & Mk2 models.

100% Made with passion in Germany

TÜV approved and certified!

MOSHAMMER products consist of the same composite materials as those used by the OEM, this brings a strong stability with a very low weight.

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